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Saxifraga Stolonifera Seeds

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Appearance features:

Leaf shape: The leaves of Saxifrage are heart-shaped or egg-shaped. Some varieties have wavy leaves on the edges, and the overall shape is like tiger ears, hence the name.
Leaf color: Leaf colors vary, including green, red, purple, etc., and some varieties have spots, stripes or other patterns.
Flowers: Saxifrage blooms small and attractive flowers in a variety of colors, including pink, orange, purple, etc. The flowers usually grow in the leaf axils near the leaves.

Growth habits:

Growth form: Saxifrage is a ground cover plant. Its stems grow prostrately and can spread on the surface of the pot soil.
Adaptability: Adaptable to indoor growing environment, strong adaptability to light, temperature and humidity.
Ground cover: Due to its ground cover properties, saxifrage can be used to cover the surface of potting soil, forming a green carpet.

Maintenance needs:

Lighting: Prefers bright, indirect light and avoids exposure to strong sunlight.
Temperature: The suitable growing temperature is between 18°C and 24°C, avoid cold and extreme heat.
Humidity: For higher humidity requirements, increase the humidity of the surrounding environment appropriately.
Moisture management: Keep the soil slightly moist, but don't overwater, which can cause root rot.
Fertilizer: Apply an appropriate amount of balanced fertilizer during the growing season, but avoid excess.


Interior Decoration: Due to its unique leaf shape and colorful flowers, saxifrage is often used indoors, placed on flower stands, desks, or windowsills.
Potted plants: Suitable for planting in potted form and can be placed in the living room, bedroom or office.

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